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    Hi DJ members, As more than 60% members has become proactive, congrats to them for getting this feature for free.

    Proactive benefits
    • Proactive members can only use PM.
    • Proactive members can use shoutbox.
    • proactive members can see all Hide/Pro code.
    • If you will receive any warning, your proactive will be lost [will be applicable from next week]
    • Can use Signature.
    • Proactive banner.
    • New premium username color.
    • Many special permissions of forum.
    Our AIM is to make all members as proactive & remove those who does copy paste or leak tricks by banning them..

    Updated steps to become Proactive:
    • User should be atleast 7 days old (earlier was 15)
    • User should have minimum 50posts (earlier was 100)
    • Should maintain at least 30 posts count in last 60 days.( no change)
    Now normal members can easily become proactive & use features stated above, in case you have any problem post in our support thread

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    Great update... really user friendly...long live DJ.:troll5:

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