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General ## Free .भारत Domain Grab It Now ##

Discussion in 'Internet tips & tricks' started by Dstuart, Oct 19, 2016.

  1. Dstuart

    Dstuart ★★★

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    Hello, guys today I'm sharing with you how to register .भारत Domain for free. You can register as many .भारत Domains you want.

    You can use this domain for your own Website or Blog, It's good if you want to start your own blog in your language as it will rank higher in Google India SERP results.

    Steps to follow -

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    Enjoy as it's free so get yourself one domain.
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  2. priyavratkmr

    priyavratkmr ★★★★★

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    Not free but costlier than godaddy
  3. Tygradora

    Tygradora ★★

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    Somehow catched my attention, sorry if it's costlier than godaddy, something must really be done in that case anyway. I am not sure why Indian domestic services in that case are so damn expensive anyway with whatever you are talking about. Something not right.
  4. Dianarus

    Dianarus ★★★

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    Are this thing still possible or not? How do they want you to be paid for that? Who will pay for that along with the hosting. Please post here some rates for whole thing, I am sure it will be interesting for much more people out there. Thanks!

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