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General How to Get Free SSL Certificate From Cloudflare

Discussion in 'Internet tips & tricks' started by jiiva, Oct 3, 2016.

  1. jiiva

    jiiva ★★★

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    How to Get Free SSL Certificate From Cloudflare:

    1, First we must have an account with cloudflare, if you dont have a account you must register first.

    2, To Register with CloudFlare Click Here list are also quite easy, 5 Minute work.

    3, If already registered, enter the domain name in a column like this

    4, Click the Begin Scan and wait for the scanning website name server records that exist in the domain, usually process about 1 minute.

    5, After the scanning process is complete, proceed to the next step. After the above steps, To choose the type of subscription, select only the free Plan.

    6, Make sure the SSL already on or green. The next step we have to do the pointing nameservers to cloudflare server.

    7, Setting name servers that exist in your domain. Change nameserver to cloudflare. As an example of mine, before using the nameservers belong to hosting providers. Now I change the nameservers to belong cloudflare. This will not affect your hosting. We just added cloudflare as a bridge only, so the flow scheme works like this.

    Old settings:

    Domain ==> Hosting

    With Cloudflare:

    Domain ==> Cludflare ==> Hosting

    8, After you change the nameservers on your domain settings. A maximum of 2 × 24 hours.

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    Source : From My site
  2. Senju Hashirama

    Senju Hashirama ★★★★★

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    in SSl, it says limited browsers, what does it mean?
  3. VIP3R

    VIP3R ★★★★★★★

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    free certs wont allow you to land in page directly.users supposed to click continue...is that resolved in your method?
  4. Petus

    Petus ★★

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    Yep, how to solve that issue with that thing anyway. This free SSL things are free for a reason anyway. How do it possible anyway? I hope everything is totally fine anyway. How else we can go on with this matter? but I do like to have this matter lately.
  5. Tygradora

    Tygradora ★★★

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    I wouldn't recommend to use free SSL certificate anyway, if you really can't shell out something like few bucks a year for thing which can make you secure connection to get payments then you shouldn't be in the business which collects any money honestly.
  6. Dianarus

    Dianarus ★★★

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    I am not sure if there are any person left in that topic who would really do something like that matter anyway. Who would use free SSL today? Select nice hosting provider with correct ceritificates from trusted vendor and you would be good to go ;)

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