How to install CWM(Clock work Mode) Recovery In LG Optimus L9 P765

Discussion in 'Android Discussion' started by prince007, May 31, 2015.


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  1. prince007

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    Hey Friends after long time I am posting here a tutorial for Flashing CWM recovery menu in LG Optimus L9 P 765 . I Have successfully tried this trick personally and it worked Fine.....!!

    I am posting this because I searched so many time all over the internet but couldn't find the Exact solution. But Finally I have done this Work with Hard Work.. Also Credit Goes to Real founder.

    Note :- This is a process By doing this u can be a Android Developer and You can do anything with the phone. I mean Anything... !!
    Warning.. :-- so, ples.. don't do anything which you don't know About.

    Here Begins The Tutorial :--

    1. Make You sure that Your Phone have at least 70-80 % Charge...
    2. Download This Image tutorial Where every Detail is Written with Image Explain-- Please.. wait.. Link soon will be added.
    3. Download This File Which is needed to Flash the CWM Recovery-- Link

    4. That's it Enjoy....

    Don't SPAM Please... Wait.. For Sometime the Image Will be added..!!!
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    Hello, Please add screenshot :)

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