How To Solve Blackberry Setup Stuck in 3 Box

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    Hi Everyone Now I am Posting the solution of Blackberry Stuck on The 3 Box Type(2 box marked out of 3).

    I have Tried It in Blackberry Z10 . so may be this is Working for Blackberrry 10 OS or Later.

    SS ---
    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    First You Need--

    ***** any 3G/4G Internet Connection with at least 2.5 GB Data ******

    * Blackberry Link software-- Click Here

    * Blackberry Desktop Software-- Click Here

    :-- May be Desktop software not need. but I am not sure first you try with only Blackberry Link, if not work then try this to install.

    Process to do --

    * First Charge Your Phone to at least 70%
    * Switch off your phone

    * open Blackberry Link software. Note :- Internet Must be connected.
    * connect your phone
    * It will ask you to reload the software -- >> Click Yes. and Then Click yes Factory Data Setting.
    * Setups Will Start...... Now Wait.. till It complete
    . Note :-- Don't Interrupt In any way If you do so then you may Loose you phone forever !!!

    !!! Voila You Have Solved It !!!

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    wait... for ss
    ok Now Everything posted.. :smoke: