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    Hello Members, As you remember last time we have announced PROACTIVE membership for members who are active in this forum.
    Read if you don't know =>

    What is PRO tag:
    PRO is same like old HIDE tag, you use use it to hide content between posts. Old HIDE code is going to be replaced soon.

    Features of HIDE tag :
    1. PRO codes will be visible to only proactive members.
    2. Anyone can use PRO tag in his thread / comment
    3. Short & Easy
    4. Soon, old HIDE code will be replaced

    How to use PRO tag:
    1. One way is while creating thread & you will see PRO button in editor's toolbar. Just select that & enter content.
    2. Another is manual. [PRO ] Your content here [/ PRO] (obviously without space)

    Enjoy DJ with more security of your content & tricks :cool:
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