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Help Netflix Videos Recorder

Discussion in 'Internet tips & tricks' started by abhi.ver, Dec 20, 2017.

  1. abhi.ver

    abhi.ver ★★★★★

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    Does anyone know good recorder to record Netflix videos for offline viewing or any Downloader to download netflix video from website.

    Unfortunately netflix window App is not working, it is giving me Black Scree with audio and Subtitle only. :sad:
  2. riverfish

    riverfish ★★★

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    there are some recorders available but you should root your phone
  3. Yokinos

    Yokinos ★★★

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    I really like Netflix projects. Although this is a young project, it has its advantages and disadvantages. They've done a great job of creating series that are both modern and not stupid. This is very rare for the modern industry. I already have a whole folder of what I'm going to watch, and friends are always asking, have you seen it? Be sure to have a look! I don't have that much free time. But each series is interesting, it is simply impossible to stop. But I also thought about the download program. It would be convenient to look series without the Internet, especially as there is not always a chance.
  4. ILU

    ILU ★★★★★★

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    You cant record netflix videos bcoz of Drm content,,, If really want to record then use ,,, New Blustack ,there is a option to record which can record drm content,,, or you can use latest kali likux 2019 ,,,it also introduces inbuilt recorder ,,,these both method bypass drm protection...
  5. Dianarus

    Dianarus ★★★

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    I do heard that people already cracked the Netflix and you can watch all that videos from them for free or are they really limited one ? Do let me know cause I am getting lost with all this. How does it usually happens anyway ? Care to share with this matter?
  6. Tygradora

    Tygradora ★★★

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    Do you people know about some other alternatives to that Netflix or nothing comes even close or not ? I am totally disconnected. How else we could make it possible. I do want you to be there on, we probably could work out our way later.

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