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OutLast Best Scariest Game Ever!!

Discussion in 'Computer Related' started by sharad24041994, Jul 18, 2014.

  1. sharad24041994

    sharad24041994 ★★★★★

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    If You are a Horror Game Lover Then U must have 2 play This Game.
    Outlast Best Horror-Challenging Game.​



    You Are Miles Upshur, a freelance Journalist, receives an anonymous tip from a source identified only as a whistleblower. The lead tells of inhumane experiments committed at Mount Massive Asylum, a remote psychiatric hospital situated deep in the mountains of Lake Country Colarado and owned by the Murkoff Corporation, who is known for its corrupt dealings. Entering the asylum, Upshur is horrified to discover the mutilated corpses of the staff, including a dying S.W.A.T officer who warns him to get out while he still can. As he investigates further, Upshur finds the asylum's patients, known as "Variants", freely roaming the grounds and hostile towards him, particularly a hulking sadist named Chris Walker. Approached by Father Martin Archimbaud, a cult leader who considers himself a priest, Upshur is told he was sent by "God" to be his witness to the night's events. It soon becomes clear that Archimbaud has no intention of letting Miles escape, and that he worships a seemingly supernatural entity known only as The Walrider, which he claims caused the breakout.

    Official Trailer(Must Watch)
    Have Guts?? ThanClick!!
  2. himan82

    himan82 ★★★★

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    Very much scary game .... many ghosts just comes in front of screen in a flash ..... dont dare to play this game at night when you are alone at home...

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