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    Now as the title says i want an clicker that credits me rs 30 daily .
    it means if it works on 1 sim then it will work on other sims too.

    so for this i need unique clickers

    here are my 5 links-
    just click them using the method.
    do not click more them 5 times. change the useragent too.
    tell the useragent as well as your ip address and browser.
    and one more thing time at which you clicked.

    these are my links- just click them since there is no money beding credited into my accounts from last 5 days.

    thse are the links.now know one thing there is no money credited in the account by methods prevoulsy.
    its an experiment to check whether the links work . they give money.
    taskbuck banned the account.
    credits are not always given.
    other things too.

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