Want to message any Facebook people who doesn't have add friend, message it follow option on?

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    Here a small trick working !
    can message to any anonymous and they will be notified that you have messaged her/him ! By this way your message is get first preference !

    1. go to any victims profile
    2. note down the username either from the victims profile out by seeing the URL followed by m.facebook.com/XXXXXXXX?
    3. now open your mail (eg:gmail)
    4. compose mail send any message to XXXXXXXXX@facebook.com

    finally your message will be delivered to their mail address and you can be friend with the victim!

    (note: if the victim is using gmail then it is perfectly working and few other mail service also working to deliver your message)

    thank you!!!!! ♥♥♥♥♥♥
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