Wechat Free Recharge is back guys

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    Wechat offer started again for more details Visit Here

    Follow Steps :

    Accumulate Rs.5 daily:
    Make a Voice/Video call to your friend on WeChat for minimum 1 minute. (The call should be dialed by you)
    Send a sticker in a new or existing group. (sending even 1 sticker is counted)
    Post a Picture/Sight on Moments. (reply with Moments to know how)
    *You have to complete all 3 activities above to get Rs.5 recharge balance.Do these

    activities daily to get Rs.5 recharge balance every day.

    2) Invite a friend & get Rs.25/- Click on “Recharge>>Invite and
    Earn” :
    You will receive an invitation message with your unique link. Share the invitation message with
    your friends and ask them to register on WeChat by clicking on your unique link and entering all the required details.
    After a successful registration, get your friends to send you a message/sticker on WeChat to complete the activity. For every friend who successfully registers on WeChat and sends you a message/sticker, you’ll get Rs.25/- free recharge balance.

    Once you reach to Rs. 50, redeem your accumulated recharge balance, go to
    Recharge>> My Balance.
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    Thanks, going to install wechat again :dance:
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    today i will go to install wechat start earning be happy

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