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[App] Inputting+: Universal undo redo.

Discussion in 'Android Discussion' started by VDG, Jul 5, 2015.

  1. VDG

    VDG ՏԱթЄГ ӍѺԀЄГѦҬѺГ Staff Member Super Moderator ProActive

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    [App] Inputting+: Universal undo redo.

    It's 2015. Can you believe there is still no undo(ctrl+z), redo(ctrl+y), find & replace(ctrl+f) when inputting on a touchscreen? Fortunately, Inputting+ can handle this.

    Why is there no undo button on Android? Inputting+ brings a taste of that to the platform: it gives you a floating button that lets you access a menu from where you can undo, redo and replace text and insert content from your clipboard history. This is a very inventive solution to a common problem Android users have had for ages, and while it is not as perfect as the native implementation we always hoped for, it is enough to make typing on Android a much more pleasant experience, no matter which app you are typing in. If you value productivity, you cannot miss this app.


    Inputting Bubble (Free)

    With Inputting+, a smart floating bubble will automatically pop up when you are typing. It can help you undo, redo, find & replace text, and even quick insert clipboard history!

    Inputting Timeline (Pro feature)
    LIMITED TIME OFFER!! Now purchase pro add-on for just 99 cents (Normally $1.49)

    Have you ever got a moment that you lost something very important in case of the app crash or network connection failure? Inputting Timeline can automatically collect all texts you typed in other apps to a simple timeline. You can check out the text at each moments and copy it. You wont lose it again.

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  2. Com-pewter

    Com-pewter ★★

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    Undo, Redo these r basic functions. without them we feel very helpless.. great share :hi: thnx..

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