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Free VPN

Discussion in 'Internet tips & tricks' started by steves, Jan 18, 2016.

  1. steves


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    Amazon Web Services are offering a free Virtual Server for 750 hours a month for 12 months!
    AWS Free Proxy Sign-Up

    I thought I'd make a guide of how to set up this free AWS server so you can use it as a free proxy!

    Uptime is arounf 99.997% so downtime and connection loss will not be an issue. Best part is the connection is not shared.

    Why? To allow circumvention of the ‘4 connections per IP address’ limit imposed by blizzard, or even to get around IP Bans and realm downs!

    Here we go!

    1. Prerequisites

    Download these tools as you will need them later.
    puttygen SSH Tunnelling application
    puttygen Private key pair converter (used for authentication)
    Proxifier is a program that allows Diablo 2 to run through a Socks Proxy.
    - Key for Proxifier = T3ZWQ-P2738-3FJWS-YE7HT-6NA3K

    2. Server Configuration

    Create an account and Log into https://console.aws.amazon.com/ec2/home

    Select your region. I’ll be using US West (N. Cali) for this tutorial.

    Click Launch Instance.

    Choose your operating System. Only the linux distros are free so use the "Basic 32-bit Amazon Linux AMI"

    On the "Instance Details" page, make sure the instance type is Micro (t1.micro), and click Continue.

    Don’t configure anything on the Advanced Instance options page, just click Continue.
    Name your server something. I’ve called mine ‘Proxy’. Continue.

    Create a Key Pair. Doesn't matter what you call it. (e.g myhosts). Download the .pem file.

    Create a new security group with the rule below.
    Type (drop down list) is SSH
    This will allow SSH connections to your server.
    Click Add Rule, Continue.

    Click Launch!

    Go to Instances, once your server is ‘running’ you can connect to it.

    Congrats! You now have a Virtual Server!!

    3. Connecting to your server

    Open up puttygen, click load. Make sure you have it set to All Files (*.*).

    Navigate to where you saved your key pair (e.g C:\**\**\Desktop\myhosts.pem), click Open.

    You should get a prompt that it “Successfully imported foreign key”

    Click ‘Save private key’. Click yes to save without a passphrase.

    Open putty.

    In the host name or IP address field you need to put [email protected]"your public dns"
    You can find "your public dns" in AWS if you click on your Instance and scroll down in the details area.

    In putty it will end up looking like [email protected]-2.amazonaws.com

    Navigate to Connection -> SSH -> Auth
    In the private key field browse to your ppk file you made with puttygen.

    Navigate to Connection -> SSH -> Tunnels
    Type 8080 into "Source port" and click "Dynamic" under destination. Click Add.

    Go back to Session. Then save your session by typing in a name (in saved session field) and clicking save.

    Click open.
    Say Yes to the pop up.

    You should now have an open putty session.

    Load this putty profile and open the connection whenever you want to use the proxy.

    Now you proxy is fully set up for use with some kind of proxy wrapper program.
    Your proxy details if you followed my examples are:
    IP/Server: localhost
    Port: 8080

    Some examples of proxy wrappers are ProxyCap, FreeCap, WideCap, and Proxifier.
    I’ll explain configuration for Proxifier now.

    4. Proxifier configuration

    Install Proxifier
    Go to ‘Profile’ -> ‘Proxy Servers’
    Click Add!
    Fill out the details as below.
    Address: localhost port: 8080
    Protocol: SOCKS Version 5

    Click “Check” if you want make sure everything has been configured correctly so far.
    Click “Ok”

    Click No to “Do you want to use this proxy by default”

    Click Ok.

    Click Yes to “Do you want to edit proxy rules now”

    Click Add
    Configure you applications you would like proxied, then click Ok.
    I have added game.exe which is the executable for Diablo 2. If you use RedVex you would put in the application name. If you’d like to proxy Firefox put firefox.exe, etc. etc.

    You might have to save the profile. File -> Save profile as…

    You are now ready to roll ;D

    Ask questions, receive help…

    5. Auto start.

    If you would like to get your proxy running with one click do the following:

    Make a .bat file with the following inside. Note that you will have to edit the path to putty and “Saved profile” to the name of your saved profile within putty. My example was “Proxy Tut.”

    start c:\*Your path to putty*\putty.exe -load "Saved profile"
    PING -n 6
    start "Proxifier" "C:\Program Files\Proxifier\Proxifier.exe"

    An example bat file:
    start c:\Users\testor\Desktop\putty.exe -load "Proxy Tut."
    PING -n 5
    start "Proxifier" "C:\Program Files\Proxifier\Proxifier.exe"
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