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How To Do Google Reverse Image Search?

Discussion in 'Computer Related' started by pritamkrish, Jul 4, 2016.

  1. pritamkrish

    pritamkrish ★★★★

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    What is google reverse image search or reverse image search google. Today we are sharing tips on how to do google reverse image search.
    I love Google! Our lives are now circling and revolving around Google search. One of the most used feature of Google search is the image search. We have used this one tool to our rescue for most of the school projects and now also for the live projects at work.

    What is Reverse Image Search for Google?
    If one goes by the name, reverse google image search is the reverse of an image search. In a normal search, we use the keywords and type them in the search bar in Google Image Search. This leads google to come up with search results related to the keyword.the google reverse image search, is to feed the image in Google to find out information on that image.
    Uses of Google Reverse Image Search:
    The most common purpose for which google image reverse search is used are:
    • To find the image source
      • To download a higher resolution quality image
      • To find more information about the image
      • To find out who has created the image
      • Very important, is to check for plagiarized images
    How to Reverse Image Search Google?
    Step 1: Open Google Image Search Page: https://images.google.com/
    Step 2: There is a search box which we normally use to find images basis of the content search keywords. However, for a reverse google image search you will have to use the camera button which is right to the search box. This will give you the search by image option on the Google Image Search page.
    Step 3: You will now have two options – Paste Image URL or Upload an Image

    Step 4: You can use either of this options to perform a reverse image search google. You can drag and drop an image to search for its details. At the same time, if the image is online, you can use the URL to search for the image.

    The search results will give you a list of the places where the image is used. You will also get a link to similar images


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  2. thunderhawk

    thunderhawk ★★★★★

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    I have always faced one issue regarding Reverse image search, and i'll be very grateful if someone helps me with it. Whenever i search Google with an image, results always show up the same pictures of varying resolutions.
    Let's say i to find different images containing the same content as the search image. Far fetched thought, but can it be possible?
    Nice share OP, those who were unaware of it will find it useful.

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