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If you are not an android user then check it here- basic guide.

Discussion in 'Android Discussion' started by sathishluvsatz, Feb 10, 2015.

  1. sathishluvsatz

    sathishluvsatz ★★★★

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    Are you an android user?
    If not then you will sure like droid life soon due to its
    popularity .
    Hello android its your century well 21st century gonna be
    android dominates .
    Ha ha ha Are you serious?
    Yes absolutely IOS (Apple Inc.) got a competitor named
    Android os (Google Inc.)
    Yeah I-Phone is valuable and royal too but when it comes to
    usage experience android wons definitely.
    I am not here to fight whether IOS or Android. And this isn't
    a playground lol.
    Android have many features and awesome stuffs in this
    The cost of each phone varies with their manufacturer
    which is running on android os.
    Android makes life of every single to learn a new think
    with its experience and passionate features.
    Android makes even you to earn money, chat seamlessly ,
    can make more fun by most of the users as it comes with
    affordable price by several manufacturing company.
    Android being a user friendly os can feed the users
    request and sends a good response in a fraction of
    seconds. Sorry in milliseconds hahaha..
    Android can completely change your life smoother and
    precious .
    Android updates its version frequently keeps the os bug
    free and bundles with new features absolutely.
    Android makes other people to be more jealous because
    they haven't own it.
    Android keeps you stay connected with all social media ,
    but if you have owned a low budget mobile then storage
    problem arises.
    Well it can be easily debugged using ROOTING process
    and PARTITION your memory in a couple of minutes.
    Android is capable to change the current IP address and
    lead a gateway to access blocked sites definitely.
    Android can even used as a source for hacking for many
    portable hackers on the go.
    Android can make your life to be ease by using a
    automated tasker in a specific condition with your own
    Android is just like a own toy to do whatever you say. But
    probably you need to root your device to make any
    advanced desired task.
    Android is having a strong rules in its piracy of any
    applications or games.
    But the sad thing is , we can easily download any pirated
    applications through unknown black market in internet.
    An application named Lucky patcher is able to patch and
    free any android application in a fraction of seconds
    Android can be customized by user needs to upgrade or
    downgrade any android version using Flashing a custom
    ROM or installing xposed modules.
    Android device is most suitable for gaming experience as
    every game developer points their views to android in this
    decades mainly because the developer can easily get
    revenue through showing advertisement in their games
    and application to their users.

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