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(LOOT) Champ Cash Earning Trick* Exclusive

Discussion in 'Make Money' started by Govil, Jul 23, 2015.

  1. Govil

    Govil ★★★★★★★

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    1) First Of All Download Champcash Android App From Playstore
    2) No Just Put Any Random Name, Mobile Number and Email Address ( Actually, You Dont Need To Verify Them )
    3) Now Its Time To Get 1$ Instant, So Just Put My Sponsor ID: 93138 and You Will Get 1$ For Free
    4) Now You Have To Get Your Own Referral Code. So Just Download All The App Listed and You Will Receive Your Referral Code Easily
    5) You May Need 7-8 Apps To Download Which Included Flipkart, Paytm, Amazon etc
    6) When Download All The Apps You Will Get A Message Saying "You are now eligible to earn unlimited with us by using our MLM platform"
    7) You will Get instant 1$ Money and You can redeem it When you earn minimum 10$
    8) For redeem your Money, Click on Top Left Corner & Click on Redeem



    1) Bluestack App Player
    2) BSTweaker

    1) Install ChampCash App From Google Playstore
    2) Now Just Change Your Device IMEI Number + Champcash Android ID + Google Advertisement ID to Random
    3) Now Open Champcash App and Put Your Own Referral Code In The App
    4) Now Follow Same Steps As Given Above To Receive Extra Referral Money
    5) You Will Get Instant 1$ In Your New Account & A Bonus Of 45$ to .60$ For Each Referral In Your Main Account.
    5) To Make More Referrals Using Bluestack Then Change It’s IMEI Number + Device ID + Guide Every Time
    6) If You Are Using Youwave Then Do Factory Reset It Every Time.

    I perfer you to use bluestacks and try to change ip address everytime you install as a referrer to get high referral money. You can also change the build prop using BSTweaker (Not necessary)
    This method is working like a charm so if you have any queries then leave a comment below i will try to solve it :)
  2. VDG

    VDG ՏԱթЄГ ӍѺԀЄГѦҬѺГ Staff Member Super Moderator ProActive

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    Do you have any Payment Proof ??????? :v
  3. Govil

    Govil ★★★★★★★

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    Not yet reached 10$ but champ cash is 100℅ legit.. Its garunteed
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  4. Ein$tieN

    Ein$tieN ★★★★★★★

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    I knew somebody is going to post it :P .. Anyways i haven't seen any Payment Proof anywhere related with Champcash because no one seems interested due to very low referral amount .. Yeah it works, No doubt in it
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  5. GreatX

    GreatX ՏԱթЄГ ӍѺԀЄГѦҬѺГ Staff Member Super Moderator

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    Abso right it will takes ages to reach at that amount of withdrawl unless u had some mess with it.
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  6. chirag modi

    chirag modi

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    Hi guys....
    Govil says right.The champcash is 100% legit. Because I got these same information from these particular website..http://moneyconnexion.com/champcash-review.htm, if any one want more information so can visit this website and will get ideas also......

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