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ogwhatsapp alternative

Discussion in 'Mobile Related' started by Mittalji, Oct 18, 2014.

  1. Mittalji

    Mittalji ★★★★★★

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    Pls Members Provide Me Ogwhatsapp alternative My sony Xperia Z1 Mobile
  2. Jr.Albert

    Jr.Albert ★★★★★★★ ProActive

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    moved ti help zone
  3. R$K

    R$K Co-Admin Staff Member Co-Admin ProActive

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    Thread moved to correct section Mobile Zone.
  4. Ethan.mackloy

    Ethan.mackloy ★★★★★★★

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    I am totally confused about thread sections due to moving of threads again and again.
    I dont know which is the correct section.
    Some mods says this one correct and some says other one is correct.

    why u confusing ? its our problem and our duty is moving threads to correct section, Thats it.. don`t worry about it :agree:

    I am confusing due to thread moving.
    The help threads moves in mobile zone.
    And when some one creates a help thread in mobile zone it moved to help section.

    I know its help Thread but its Mobile help related so moved in Mobile Zone and here only mobile related threads ! whats wrong ?
    Last time Jr.albert(Trail.Mod) wrongly moved your thread to wrong section than i moved it to correct section !
    Whats wrong ?

    Ok Just Forget iT.
    i WILL MAKE Thread in any section.
    If it is wrong then you move it.

    Try to open your threads in correct section or if u confuse about correct section than open ur thread Here we will move it to correct section :)

    plz solve my problem and dont move dis thread in any section....to all mods and super mods,,

    This Thread already in correct section so no need to move it on anywhere :o
    Last edited by a moderator: Oct 18, 2014
  5. Shubhamalive

    Shubhamalive ★★★★★★

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    I don't think now any one is even interested in solving or concentration on your problem, All newbe Mods are busy in shifting this Thread from one section to another.

    By the way, i didn't know if their is any alternative to OGWhatsapp

    if u interested then solve it

    Oh man, don't take it too personal, all the replies in the thread was on moving this THREAD to correct section & the one seeking help, who created it would have been thinking that WTF is this. One person is making thread for seeking help and no RELATED reply to his Query and over that Mods are busy in thinking which section is correct for the thread.

    So what should i do ? I also don`t know about that problem and you too. and don`t tell we only concentrate on moving threads only and we also helping to members .

    Check out from the very first reply to the thread, no related reply !!!
    Mods duty is to moderate form and help members, you are doing it good.
    But no related reply to Thread Creator's concern, that made me reply to his next comment.

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