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review on Google cardboard

Discussion in 'Mobile Related' started by priyavratkmr, Aug 13, 2015.

  1. priyavratkmr

    priyavratkmr ★★★★★

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    What is Google cardboard ?
    Google cardboard is a virtual reality kit which uses magnifying glasses to help us see 3d in any smartphone .

    What is its cost ?
    It starts from rs 350. You can buy from amazon.in

    What are it's uses ?
    It help us to see 3d movies in hsbs format (which is easily available from torrents ).
    It also will allow you to see 360 degree videos . Means you can see video from any side you want by rotating your head .

    kids will specially enjoy some cardboard apps like roller coaster ride , sea world etc .

    What are requirements ?
    A smartphone with ppi more than 400 i.e. 441 ppi or greater .
    If you see in smartphone with less than 400 ppi, you will face screen door effect , which will strain eyes and images will not look good.

    What are disadvantages ?
    If you will watch full 3d movie or etc. which would be more than 1 hours, you will face severe headache which would be a problem.
    Even oculus rift have same issue.

    It would be new experience for most of us , because 360 degree videos and apps can be seen through it .
    But , don't use it continuously for more than 15 minutes , or you will suffer from severe headache .

    Have a try , since it cost only rs 350
  2. $oMu

    $oMu ★★★★★★

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    can u link
  3. SenseI

    SenseI ★★★★ ProActive

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    Is it avalaible in india.If yes ,then where? I couldnt find any where.
  4. priyavratkmr

    priyavratkmr ★★★★★

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