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Slow Facebook but Fast Internet

Discussion in 'Internet help & support' started by Hedgehog, Jun 7, 2015.

  1. Hedgehog

    Hedgehog ★★★★★

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    I am using BSNL Broadband and downloading speed is fine even browsing is good but while using facebook.com it becomes slow and opening my profile takes about 3-4 minutes but other many big sites opens very fast and data rate while browsing facebook is about 2-3kbps and while browsing other sites it goes upto 60-64kbps please help me i can't use facebook like this
  2. BlueBird

    BlueBird DroidTechie Staff Member Super Moderator ProActive

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    This might help u.. Try using Google public DNS

    DNS :
    Alternate DNS :

    Google if you don't know how to use dns..
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  3. WestWind

    WestWind ★★

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    Hi Hedgehog,

    Follow some of these tips along with Bluebird's suggestion,
    - Open Run and enter ping facebook.com
    - Clear cache and cookies of the browser

    Hope that helps ;)
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  4. Amanul

    Amanul ★★★★★

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    You may have to clear you Tem
    file of the pc
    Go start then type %TEMP%
    (if you are using win7)
    Clear all file of this folder
  5. Ein$tieN

    Ein$tieN ★★★★★★★

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    [01] : Don't use Internet Explorer; Use Chrome / Firefox.
    [02] : Use an "Adblocker" Extension.
    [03] : Use "Pinger" Software when connected with your Broadband (Experimental : Give a try to any Free VPN, Check if surfing problem still persists).
    [04] : Use "Google Public DNS servers" mentioned by BlueBird in the first comment.
    [05] : Clear Cache, Cookies and History of your Browser and Restart the Browser.
    [06] : Check your addons in the Browser, If you find any suspicious addons (they might be malwares) then delete them. Also if you have installed any script based addon like tampermonkey etc..., then suspend them temporarily just to check that its not messing with your Facebook experience.
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