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Stuck On Boot Loop ?? [ROOT] [SOLVED]

Discussion in 'Android Discussion' started by sanju-b007, Jun 25, 2015.

  1. sanju-b007

    sanju-b007 ★★★★★★★★★

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    First of all what is boot loop?

    Boot loop means when Your phone got stuck on showing the company logo.

    How you can stuck on boot loop?

    You can stuck on boot loop by doing wrong things with your phone like flashing wrong Rom.And granting root access to bad and vulnerable apps.

    Here is the simple trick to get rid of it. For the users who have removable battery :-

    *.Just Remove your battery
    *.And again reinsert it
    *.And try to switch it on again.

    If did not work then follow same procedure as for non-removable batteries:-

    *.Firstly you have to know your combination of going to recover mode.
    *.If you did not have a hardware home button then
    It is surely from any of these:-Volume down + power button.
    Or volume Up + power button.(Hold both the buttons)
    *.If you have hardware home button then this might be you correct combination volume down+ power +home button.
    *.Now you have to hold your combination until you see a android with exclamatory sign.
    *.Below it you will see text - No Command
    *.Now press power button

    now you will see many

    *.Use volume down button to scroll down and volume Up
    button to select now highlight reboot system Now option
    And click volume up button.

    *.Now your phone will reboot.

    If it still stuck in the boot loop then again go to recovery mode but this time click on wipe factory data Option.

    Congratulation you have sucessfully get out of boot loop.
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  2. Suprotim

    Suprotim ★★★★★★ ProActive

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    Bt if boot.IMG is wrong during flashing custom ROM or internal memory is corrupted then this method will not work...

    Personal experience
  3. Senju Hashirama

    Senju Hashirama ★★★★★

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    Good effort my friend.
    But these things are always posted in the rom thread and users can easily get the answers from xda.
    Moreover its not only that flashing wrong rom or mods can get you into boot loop but many reasons can be there. Each and every phone has different way of approach to remove bootloops.
    So its better to check your phones thread at xda for proper flashing of roms and other things like custom kernelss
  4. sanju-b007

    sanju-b007 ★★★★★★★★★

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    agree with u :troll5:

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