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Tips for making successful blog- for newbies

Discussion in 'Internet tips & tricks' started by sathishluvsatz, Feb 10, 2015.

  1. sathishluvsatz

    sathishluvsatz ★★★★

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    Tips to make your blog grow.
    Make a good outer appearance
    Usually the template (design) needs to be checked out
    to make a good start. Design your template here.
    (NOTE: You can also download any third party
    Template's HTML and paste in your blog)
    Content creation.
    Many new bloggers fails to run a blog
    due to lag in their content post.
    Make a good quality post to cover
    Content is the king for
    every successful blogger.
    You should not steal others content and
    paste it in your blog as it would end up
    in serious crisis in SEO and in some
    Legal act.
    But if you need content there are
    several tricks to make a good content
    using other sites resources, look at a
    glance for content creation.
    Track your audience.
    If you own a blog or a site then you
    must really know the analytic of your
    Without tracking your visitors you
    wont able to know your current status.
    You must link your Google analytic or
    any other analytic tool to your blog for
    perfect blogging experience.
    Add your site to search engines.
    If you built a site you are totally
    responsible to add your site to search
    engines, because nobody will add
    Google will automatically add your blog
    to its database by indexing your site.
    Other search engines like
    bing.com ,yahoo.com ,dogpile.com will
    not probably index your blog , so you
    must add URL to their searching
    There are several free and paid website
    to add your site/blog to nearly over
    100+ search engine and popular site
    directory as well.
    Promote your blog.
    If you have done all the above stuffs
    and here it is recommended to promote
    your blog.
    You can add your site to several good
    quality blogging directory(Both paid
    and free)
    Indiblogger is the one and only high-
    quality blog to gain more visitors to
    your site and its absolutely free.
    It can send traffic of nearly
    20,000 page-views a day.
    When should i apply for indiblogger.com ?
    To gain visitors from Asia-Pacific you will need this
    1. Apply only if your site/blog has 40+ quality post.
    2. Apply only if your content is genuine and not
    a plagiarism content.
    3. Apply only if you have ability to post content for at-
    least twice a week.
    Earn money .
    You can even get reward for your
    content and value it for the times spend
    on your website/blog development.
    There are so many website available to
    earn money with various method.
    But i can strongly recommend
    Google Ad-sense for every new
    There are several alternatives for Ad-
    sense like
    Media.net ,popads.net , infolinks.com
    Here i am guaranteed about Ad-
    sense for you as it will convert your
    work into cash genuinely for every
    But make sure you do not violate its
    terms and service. (POLICY)
    While earning money in $ (dollars) you
    must Provide PAN card details for
    transacting money to your local Bank
    It is strongly recommended to Create
    Paypal or Payoneer account for
    Worldwide online transaction .
  2. raj0075

    raj0075 ★★★

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    thank for info....

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