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What Is Proxy Servers Or Proxy Website?

Discussion in 'Internet tips & tricks' started by pritamkrish, Jul 10, 2016.

  1. pritamkrish

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    Proxy server or website is nothing but a website or server which acts as an intermediary between the destination server and clients. Not only it allows one to gain access to the blocked sites, it even helps an individual in surfing the net anonymously.
    Features of Using Best Free Proxy Servers List:

    • Hiding IP Address:Basically, this is one of the major and basic feature of the web proxy. As discussed above, here the server will not be knowing the real Internet Protocol address and will simply opt for the IP address of the website or proxy server.
    • User Agent Masking:Here the list of proxy servers would hide the user-agent and provide unlimited access to the given server.
    • Hiding the SSL Security: Basically, here the best free proxy servers list will do a simple encryption communication along with the server. This will make it secure and safe.
    • Automated Advertisement Removal:With regard to proxy sites for school, they will automatically clear all the ads like Google AdSense ads from the given website before it gets delivered to you.
    • Cookie Management:Here it checks whether or not cookies are allowed on the PC.
    Types Of Proxy Server:
    1. Virtual Private Server: An easy means for gaining access to blocked sites is using the VPN. However, many of them are not free and there are monthly or yearly payment which have to be done for getting the VPN. If you have got the required cash or payment to unblock the websites through the VPN
    2. Reverse Proxy Server:A proxy website has the unique feature of hiding the identity of the client and remote users. But there is another server called reverse proxy server that hides the major identity of the server.

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  2. Rocker5

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    Like added! there is a similar thread by @GreatX that's also a must read and very informative
  3. 4321b

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    thanks for sharing

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