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If you are not from USA then use some US VPN.

Now goto [ Please note link will work for us ip only for rest u will get an error so make sure u have setup us ip first ]

Register for bing awards.

Use Google chrome , if u do not have it then install it.

Install this chrome extension

You just install it and enable it. Then when you search on Google, it will search on Bing Rewards and SwagBucks in the background, so you get free money without using shitty search sites.

You can also enable Swag Bucks in the Settings page to have it search SB, too. If you win, then it will open a new page with the captcha.

Just check the sites every few days to see if you reached enough points for cashout.

Usually within a day u can redeem it , for me it takes an hr. or so

Enjoy ur free Amazon Gift cards , u can do this unlimited time and ur points will never expire.

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Not open for further replies.