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[100% LEGIT][GUIDE]Make TONS of $$$ using G2A Goldmine


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Hey Guys!

Today you will learn how to make money online.


  • What are we doing?
-Affiliate marketing

  • Who are we targeting?
-PC gamers and influencers. Additionally any pepe who is willing to make money online (like you)

  • How are we doing it?
-Use popular gamer-related sites and forums. And of course, social media.

  • The aim?
-Basicly, you just want as many people as possible to click on your affiliate link. There will be different groups of people clicking your link

  • What we will be using
We will use G2A's Goldmine affiliate page

G2A is a website that sells insanly cheap video games, and offers many great deals - reducing prices by more than 70%. You can even buy skins for popular games like CSGO or PUBG.

You can get really cheap games but also earn money with it

It's popular, but the majority of people still buy their games from steam or origin or whatever because they don't know about G2A

The site is absolutely legit and high quality. I have used it for every steam game that I own and it made me save a good amount of money. Clicking on the affiliate link makes people save your affiliate link in their Cookies. So if they click on it and do decide to not buy a game straight aways, but in 2-3 weeks, you still get the same profit because you are saved in their cookies.

Register on the website and go to Goldmine. The Goldmine is affiliate program which will be your new home.

The hierachy

Not everyone you are targeting should be people who buy games. You are looking for influencers AND gamers. Always keep that in mind. You will be forming your own affiliate team and make them spread the link arround the internet, and you will still be gaining money.

The system is like this:

You are on top, and your level 1 affiliates make you 100% of the income. Level 1 Affiliates refer level 2 affiliates, from which you get 60% (and your level 1 Affiliate will get 100% earnings). The level 2 affiliate refers level 3 affiliates, from which you earn 40% (your level 1 affiliate 60%, and your level 2 affiliate 100%). The more your earn, the bigger perecentage you get from every sale. You start with arround 10% of each sale.

The Groups

  • The Little Pepes (TLP)
These people actually make purchases. They may not buy stuff that is worth houndreds of dollars, but the sole amount of people we will be getting in this group will make you an absurd amount of money. These people aren't our main target.

  • The Known Pepes (TKP)
This group can also be called "friends". I know that many of us got none ( ), but hey, maybe there some special pepes with friends . You share the website with your friends who also talk to their friends and so on. You may be getting a lot of tier 2 and 3 affiliates (covered down below). This group often makes little purchases.

  • The Big Pepes (TBP)
These people are the big people in the gaming world. The people we always wanted to be. They are streamers, youtubers, community managers or any other well-known gaming person.

The income they bring you is not direct, but they are attracting a shit tone of more people to G2A which we will be benefiting on because they clicked our ref link

Most of these people are only in this for the money (like us ), so there is a good chance that they will be interested.

I currently have a few smaller streamers under my affiliate and they generate a nice passive income. They are streaming on the site . The streamers only have to share their link via a chatbot once your twice an hour and you will get houndreds if not even thousands of new affiliates.

If you manage to get one semi popular streamer as your affiliate (which they won't even notice if you change your affiliate link) you can expect about 10000 cookies daily, which means that 10000 people each day are registered to YOU. Most of these people don't make a purchases right away, but they are linked to you for 3 months. If they make a purchases in that time (which 70% do) they will be linked to your forever.

Approach them by offering them a nice way of income without doing shit. They literally have to set it up in 2 minutes and are ready to earn ca$h.

Why would people buy from G2A?

Why would you spend $60 on a game on steam if you can get the same for $30?

Social Media

In order to be shown on top on any social media, we will be using SocTop(Google for the Link).

Soctop will allow us to be the first visible comment on pretty much any popular social media.

Just register and download the bot to your pc.

Create atleast 1 Account (the more the better) on every available social media and add them to your bot. Once you added them you will start earning coins in no time.

With these coins you are able to add a task on the website.For example, just copy a tweet and add it as your task, you can choose how many likes you want to get in exchange for your earned coins.

If you have got a few accounts setup, you won't get into trouble having no coins. You will also be able to boost your posts to the top.

If you want me to go more in depth on this topic, just leave a comment and I will add a step for step guide on how to set everything up.

  1. Twitter:
Just create a random twitter account, just choose any email - you don't have to confirm it.

Follow some major CSGO-Gambling sites who post giveaways. Like CSGORoll, CSGOLive, Drakemoon etc.. (inform yourself)

Reply to their giveaways with something like: "Click this link (your affiliate link) for free $" - People joining these giveaways are desperate for money and are most likely to press the link. Once they did it they are marked as your cookie (affiliate). I usally get 100 clicks for each reply if I boost my like/retweets to arround 15 likes and 5 retweets with Soctop. You can do even more if you want to be sure to be the top comment.

Once you have been blocked from some of the Gambling sites just create a new account and repeat

2. Facebook:

You can do the same as with twitter, however it is harder to create new accounts due to sms verification.

Just comment on some of the giveaways posted by the csgo-gambling scene and boost your like ratio with soctop to be the top comment.

The major Facebook method however is spamming in gaming groups. Just join some of them with above 5k members and spam the link. Lots of people will click on it.

At the moment, PUBG is extremly popular, so you might link them to that game with your affiliate link. Join those fan pages and post it there atleast once a day.

Another thing you can do is to contact the page-owners about this way of income, making them your TBP and auto-piloting the earning on that page as well. Just search for random gaming pages, and basicly anything above 2-5k members will result in at least $20 daily.

3. Youtube

Just create a new account with the same name as the creator of the video you want to spam under. Then boost your likes with something like soctop or any other boosting service.

Nothing more to say here.

4. Reddit

Making posts on reddit can make you lots of cookies aswell. Just browse the subreddits a bit and share your link on every post/page you think it will be worth it. I think that you understood by now what you have to do if you read the Facebook and Twitter guide.

5. Others

You can also use other social media, but I have used Facebook, Twitter and Youtube as the most successful. The audience is extremly populated and I'm quite sure that you will find other possibilities and pages you can advertise on.

Thank your for reading and have a good day!