Airtel 3G frontquery trick-Working In Android



Airtel 3G frontquery trick

The new updated Airtel frontquery trick works on mobile, you will need to have a handler application on your phone in order to take benefit of this front query trick, Moreover you can also use it on PC using Vnap net buster. The trick doesn’t have any limitations and as per the statics your Airtel SIM will not get blocked using this Trick. But it is better if you disconnect after certain usage.
i have Added Opera mini handler for Android to make this trick work on Android Devices. This Airtel 3G Frontquery Trick also works in Blocked SIM’s
Benefit of Airtel 3G frontquery Trick

Working in All states: Airtel have its powerful network across India and as trick is not a VPN trick so it will be working in almost all states.
Resume Supported Download: When it comes to Downloading files then most of the proxy Trick doesn’t have resume support but this Latest frontquery with new IP lets you to resume your downloaded files on mobile and PC.
No SIM block Issue: Airtel Trick use’s are fed up because e of the SIM blocking problem, The SIM blocking is because of the host used and Airtel have limited a certain bandwidth on each host, so if the bandwidth is crossed your SIM gets block but here with the new IP your SIM should not get blocked however you should take the precautions
Super Fast proxy with HTTPS Support
Working in Blocked SIM
Steps to connect Airtel 3G Frontquery trick

Create a new Configuration Settings on your mobile/tablet
  • Account Name:
  • Access point:
  • Proxy:
  • Port: 80
Now save these settings, and make sure you do not have any 2G plan activated.
launch any opera Mini handler and enter the following frontqery in Front Query Field
Front Query:
That’s It! save the settings and browse or download at Super Fast speed without any limitations.
Download Opera Mini handler for Android