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AirTel 3G VPN Trick july 2016( unconfirmed)


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heyy gyss i am sharing this new trick

Some Basic Requirement For this AirTel 3G VPN Trick 2016

1. AirTel 3G Enabled Sim card
2. Maintain main balance of Rs. 0 , Data Pack Required .
3. Apn: airtelgprs.com
4. Speed Up to 500 KBps Tested on In 7.2 Mbps Modem.
5. Enough for this trick

How To Use This Trick :

For PC Users : 1. First Install NMD VPN. If Already Installed Then Skip This Step.
2. If You Don't Have NMD VPN Then Download It From -
3. Now Copy All Config Files And Paste Them Into VPN Configs Directory Of NMD VPN (C:\Program Files\NMDVPN\config)
4. Now Connect Your Internet And Then - Right Click On NMD VPN Icon In Desktop And Run as Admin.
5. After That - From System Tray Icon Connect Your Net With Your Config. You Get Connect. Enjoy

For Mobile Users :
1. Download Open VPN From
2. Extract It in a Folder and Browse To OVPN File Via File Browser.
3. Save The Settings as It Will Automatically Be Read by Openvpn.
4. Connect It.
5. Wait For Some time and VPN Will Be CONNECTED

Download Airtel 3G TCP Config. Files From Below :

Note: Change password every week from vpnbook.com/freevpn to make this config work.
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Aman Agarwal

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Only Proactive member can see this

what is this i am not able to see shout box not able to see threads whats happening


Staff Member
Staff member
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Block limit??
Depends, its between 100-200 Mbs
it is unlimited
No it is not Unlimited.
yup it is unlimited broo
Do not make false statement its host based trick it can't be used for unlimited.
Only Proactive member can see this
what is this i am not able to see shout box not able to see threads whats happening
You need to be pro active To see the Hidden content of forum
Internet is flooded with these tricks but none of them actually work
TCP host based airtel tricks always works you just need good proxy and an Unblocked sim


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Bro my sim is unblockdd and i am from bihar not used any tricks since an year please send ut to me


Pro member
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bro its not a new trick its very old one TCP trick which is used from a long time and is limited to 50-100MB and only works where TCP ports are open and not working in MP here ports are closed