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Airtel Free Sms Trick july 2013

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Hi, Frnds This Trick Is Working And Send Free Sms To Any Mobile No. In India,Yesterday I was trying to register for Airtel Do Not Disturb(DND) service, for that I called to customer care center for several times, They told me to send some sms on 1909 and so on. In this process I observed something and found new trick to send free sms from Airtel number in India. I would like to share this trick with you guys, so you can send daily free 100 sms from your Airtel number in India.
Airtel offering daily sms packs of 100 sms. You have pay standards sms charges Rs. 1.50 or 1 Rupees for your first sms and after that you will get 99 sms free.Today i bought something with which you don’t have to pays single penny. So Just follow the simple steps below to send free sms from Airtel number To Any Mobile no.
Send Free Sms From Airtel Mobile Number.
  1. Send your first sms of the day to 543210 or 1909.
  2. Keep in mind that you need to send “blank sms”, Dont write anything in the message and send it to 543210 or 1909.
  3. After this you will get 99 sms free for any mobile number in India.
  • NOTE::-This trick only works on airtel friends card not on normal airtel.
    If u do not have airtel friends then from normal airtel card just type msg as “15″ in creat msg & send on 250 (toll free) u will get one msg read it u will get 150 msg ,10 min music on demand & 1 month voice chat
  • Try At Low Balance..Thankssssss


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full of crap! waste of time,, does not wrks , and 250 is not a toll free number :mad:


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