Another Symbian hack! by bebooo43 Easiest Hack Ever No Need of PC



Another Symbian [email protected]! by bebooo43
I know you can't believe this...
New Symbian hack with Trend Micro Mobile Security Anti virus by bebooo43
1. Unpack Quarantine archive to C drive. Use X-Plore. You should get C:\tmquarantine\ path.
2. Install Anti-Virus
3. Launch Anti-Virus
4. Go to Options - Quarantine list
5. Do Options - Restore at all files
6. Close Anti-Virus and delete it.
7. Install RomPatcher+
8. Launch RomPatcher+ and apply patches:
- Open4all for access to all folders
- Installserver for installing any unsigned apps (if red cross go here)
If need do Options - Add to auto at patches you need to autostart on phone boot.
Phone [email protected] =)