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Axe Pack of 3 Deodorants (7 Options) for Rs. 349.0 at Tradus

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Axe Pack of 3 Deodorants @Rs. 349 Only
How to get this deal
  1. to go to Tradus.
  2. Buy now for Rs. 549
  3. Please use Gift Voucher AXE200 on final Payment page to get the discounted price of Rs 349
Deal Highlights
Volume : 150 ML
Package Contains : 3pc Axe Deodorants
Discover Axe Deodorant – Gently refreshing and luxurious fragrances
Long lasting protection through a new effective deodorant system. CFC free
The active formula of Axe Deodorant gives you continuous, effective protection against perspiration odors during the whole day
This unique inspiring fragrance will transform your day into a true moment of pleasure

Available Options
Option 1 (Musk, Marine and Wild Spice)
Option 2 (Musk, Marine and Denim)
Option 3 (Provoke, Denim and Chocolate)
Option 4 (Chocolate, Provoke and Wild Spice)
Option 5 (Chocolate, Musk and Wild Spice)
Option 6 (Provoke, Marine and Denim)
Option 7 (Chocolate, Musk and Marine)

Not open for further replies.