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Betatransfer Kassa - accepting payments for HIGH RISK projects, internet acquiring and online payment merchant

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High risk payment processing is one of the specializations Betatransfer Kassa. We currently offer services for all high risk merchant services.

Acceptance of payment at Betatransfer Kassa:
Visa / Mastercard / MIR cards
Yandex Money

Official website:

Betatransfer Kassa for those clients who have already contacted payment aggregators and received a refusal to accept payments, or
aggregators stopped payments altogether after the resource was approved or completely freeze your funds.

Betatransfer Kassa has partners among large companies operating in the high-risk market.

Betatransfer Kassa accepts payments in rubles, hryvnias, dollars and euros, for HIGH RISK projects like:
Bookmaker offices
Partnership programs
Binary options
Crypto projects
Sports betting
Information goods
Collection agencies
Dating sites
Products with increased complaints

The whole process is automated, the work is built through the API, which maximizes your profits with wide functionality, secure
and secure transactions, anti-fraud!

Benefits of Betatransfer Kassa service:
• Beautiful and convenient merchant form of payment
• Fast withdrawal
• No limits
• Lack of risks
• Extensive experience in this area
• Good reputation and many positive reviews

Betatransfer Kassa staff will select and provide you with the best option! The percentage for our services is negotiated with each client individually!


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