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black market to get free paid app...

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Here comes the blackmart (black market) to get free paid app....
just download this file, install n njoy :)

for newbile, here are few steps to proceed..

step1: download this file.
step2: copy to ur phone/sdcard
step3: now goto setting-> app settings-> tick r select the unknown sources
step4: now goto the file path in ur phone r use app installer to install it.
step5: select the file n click install. thats it ur done...

now enjoy paid app with the cost of free.

important: for every app in the blackmart u need to install it, just check the status of that file.
i)cracked- little risky but u can still njoy it, sum app may not work fine( very rare).
ii)no r not needed- just njoy with app(no prob at all)
iii)need to crack- me to waiting for that app to be cracked :sad:
Not open for further replies.