Bolt Browser Trick for Airtel – Working in Android



After so many days without tricks, We are again back with a Working Airtel Trick for mobile using Bolt Browser. TheBolt Browser Trick for Airtelsupported live youtube streaming on Mobile and have lots of other features. The Bolt Browser trick is tweaked with its handler for Nokia S40 and other java phones. thee trick is confirmed working in all states as this is not anyVPN Trickso wont require any open ports. With the new Undisclosed host there is no issue ofSIM Blocking. However you just need to know free hosts of your area to implement with this Trick.

Bolt Browser Trick for Airtel

Bolt was was famous browser for Nokia Devices but sadly they closed their services and not providing the new updates but with our Official Bolt handler you can use Bolt Browser Trick for Airtel to Download, upload and watch videos in browser without any issues. The proxy gives approx 300 KBPS download Speed in 3G mode which is more than enough.
Advantages of Bolt Browser Trick for Airtel

100% Working in Blocked SIM: The mobile Trick configured with bolt handler is 100% Working in Live andBlocked Airtel SIM’s
APN Status: Airtel has only one major Access point for Connecting Internet . you should only use default Airtel Access point i:e for using this VPN Trick
Full 3G Speed: There was lot of Issues on Speed capping on Airtel but it seems now you should forget about speed capping as by just activating Zero Rental 3G pack your Speeds get uncapped No matter if you are using a VPn or proxy based trick but with this method you will get fully Uncapped Speed
Works in all java Supported Devices: Works in Nokia S40 and java based Phones: Sadly this will nor work in latest Android Phones but traditionally all the Nokia S40, S60 and other java Supported devices will be able to run the Bolt Handler. (Create a .prov file for Nokia S40 handsets)
Video Streaming Supported: The bolt browser is built in with Live Streaming so you
  • Works in all states
  • You need to know free Ip of your State/area
  • Only Working in Default Airtel APN:
  • Stream YouTube videos without any buffering
  • Access all HTTPS protocl website with Secured proxy
How to setup this Trick on Mobile

As for now we have only tweaked this Airtel proxy trick for mobiles, However user’s can try it configuring in PC and let us know if it works. now lets see the simple instructions to implement The Trick on your handset and taste Airtel 3GInternet for free.
Create a new Configuration settings on your phone
  • Account Name:
  • Access point:
  • Proxy:
  • Port: 80
Now save the settings and Download Bolt browser handler from below lnkN
Download Bolt Handler.jar
Download Bolt handler for Android (updated link)
After downloading the file, Copy or install it on your phone
Then Open the Bolt Handler and in proxy type select HTTP
Now in proxy Server enter any free IP or home page of your states
That’s it Save it, Restart bolt and enjoy free browsing, streaming and Downloading with this trick.
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