Create your own [email protected] site..


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Due to increasing users on major [email protected] sites,speeds and perfornmance are not reliable.In the following tutorial,you will know how to create your own [email protected] site, which will be dedicated only to you...
Remember it is the simplest way to create [email protected] site....

1)First of all, you need a web host with PHP and cUrl.Usually,cUrl is not present on free hosts, but following hosting site provides it also for free.The hosting site is:-

2) Go to above site and sign up for free web hosting. After E-mail confirmation of account,choose a free sub-domain.

3)Now log in using your user name and password and go to cPanel.

4)Then go to:-

and download the zip file

5)After downloading the zip file, go to the cPanel on your account and go to file manager and enter your password.

6)Then go to directory public_html and choose upload. After that enter the downloaded file only in the right side column and click on green tick icon.Ignore any errors.

7)Now,your [email protected] site is almost ready.Then just go to the sub-domain you registered in step 2 .You will be presented with Glype account setup screen.Just enter username and password and your site is ready to use.

8)Last step:-Just go to your [email protected] site and enjoy!!!

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