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Download Inotia 4 Android Game Apk

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After reaching great succcess with Inotia 3: Children of Carnia, com2us unveils a new title of Inotia Saga, Inotia 4 Assassin of Berkel. Inotia 4 is a fantasy RPG featuring two conflicting sides: the Shadow Tribe and the Channel of Light. Two tribes which are struggling to get the control of the whole land.

Like other goods RPG you can choose among six different heroes classes: black knight, assassin, warlock, priest and ranger. Each class have specific skills (up to 90 different skills). Embody Kiyan (Shadow Tribe hero) or Eara (Channel of Light hero) and fulfill quests, grab magic objects and end up any enemy you cross on your way (both monsters and units from the opponent tribe).

download link :
Not open for further replies.