Dx Toolbox v3.3.6 [Optimizer ToolBox]

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DX ToolBox is a Swiss Army Knife for optimizing your Android phone.
Top 8 features to help you easily and efficiently manage your android phone.
DX ToolBox[Optimizer ToolBox] is one of the most powerful and comprehensive android assistant to improve your phone's performance by

☆ One-tap diagnosis and optimizing your phone,
☆ Cleaning storage, ☆ Freeing up memory,
☆ Killing background tasks,
☆ Batch (un)installing apps,
☆ Moving apps to SD card and
☆ Speeding up system booting, etc.

It’s Ad-Free!
★-----1. Apps manager-----
✔Apps 2 SD (Android 2.2 or up): Automatic App-2-SD reminding;​
✔Apps Classification helps you keep your App List tidy and clean;​
✔App Installer/Uninstaller:Batch/single app(s)install/Uninstall;​
★-----2. Task manager-----
✔To quickly kill background processes, speeding up your phone and extends battery life;​
✔Periodically Automatic task(s) killing;​
✔Long press apps to setup Ignore list (white list) or Killing list (black list).​
★-----3.System app(s)remover-----
✔System app(s) remover (root required);​
✔Auto system application backup and one-tap restore;​
★-----4.Trash Cleaner-----
✔Use Trash Cleaner to cleanup your phone / free up memory / free up space​
✔1 tap to erase history data, delete web history(web browser history), maps search history, earth history, YouTubehistory,clipboard data, market history, gmail history etc..​
✔Global cache scanning, and one-tap to clear all the cached files (one-key clear);​
★-----5. Boot Speedup-----
✔List the Allowed and Forbidden apps during booting;​
✔Kill booting processes after ROOT;​
★-----6. Quick Settings-------
✔With the interesting Quick Settings tool and a desktop widget with 7 shortcuts, you could optimize your phone with less or even no manual operation.​
✔Shake to optimize: shake to clean memory and shake to clean cache trash;​
✔Turn over to mute the phone when phone call comes in;​
✔Quick Restore network when connection to mobile network fails;​
✔2G/3G toggle(mobile data)​
★-----7.Desktop Widget-------
✔A 7-button widget (17 functions foryour choice: WIFI switch, Bluetooth switch, Airplane mode, ringtone mode setting, process management, Cache cleaner, etc.)​
✔Change widget background color: Transparent/Gray/Translucent​
★-----8.System Diagnostic-----
✔One-tap detecting, list down details cumbering the system;​
✔One-tap optimizing, keep the high score!​
In addition, more tools could be found in __Toolbox__ page, such as RAM manager, web traffic governor, App Lock, etc.

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It is 3.3.5 version bro.... change your title
And the latest version is also 3.3.5 not 3.3.6 !!! what a joke...