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Earn money from Digitaljanta Forum


Staff Member
Staff member
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Today we are presenting "Earn Money" feature for all registered users.

How to Earn Money by Digitaljanta:
  • We reward users for every activity like
    • Login daily
    • Thread creation & reading others thread.
    • Giving or Receiving logical reply on thread
    • Giving and receiving reaction
    • Updating profile post
    • Using digitaljanta without adblocker.
  • You may receive intermediate reward also if you have done something outstanding.
  • That's all, just keep yourself engaged in the forum & you will keep receiving money in your Dj account.
How to check you Earned money:
  • You can visit your profile and check money received in about tab.
  • If you are unable to see any money it means your money is 0
  • You can also see other people money by going to their profile.(check screenshot)

Keep using digitaljanta & more is yet to come.

You can start conversation with me for payout. Minimum: 50rs should be there for payout

Any questions? Ask below
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Thanks admin, I was unaware about this. I just checked my account and 20rs is there . When can I ask for payment?