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Enable Or Disable JavaScript In Google Chrome To Avoid Ad Popup


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could be a handy feature that permits additional interaction with websites in Google Chrome and plenty of alternative net browsers. Some folks could publish websites that use the scripting language maliciously although. For your protection, you’ll be able to Enable or Disable JavaScript in Chrome with these steps.

Most Of users suspect reason to Disable JavaScript, were many websites nowadays runs only with JavaScript enabled without JavaScript none of the website works Good.

Advantages Over Enable Or Disable JavaScript In Google Chrome:
  • The Websites which has Right Click Disabled – Right Click can be enabled By Disabling JavaScript.
  • Popup on JavaScript Sites which Can be reduced without Adblock Enabled.
  • The Content On websites which can be Copied even Right click is Disabled.
So,Here are methods to Enable Or Disable JavaScript In With screenshot.

Enable or Disable JavaScript in Google Chrome:
Method 1:

  1. Select the“Menu” button located at the upper-right corner of the screen with “Three Dot” then select “Settings“, or type “
  2. Select the “Content settings…” button.
  3. Select “Allow all sites to run JavaScript” to enable JavaScript, select “Do not allow any site to run JavaScript” to disable it.
Optionally, you can allow or block JavaScript on specific websites by selecting the “Manage exceptions…” button and adding the URL of the website under the “Hostname Pattern” field. From there, set the “Behavior” to “Block” or “Allow“. You can even block partial sections of websites.

Read More:

Method 2:

This Method is used to disable JavaScript For particular website. Most commonly we use this method to copy data of any website which is protected with Right Click Disabled

  1. Visit website where JavaScript Needs to be Disabled.
  2. Press “Ctrl+Shift+I” To view Inspect Source,Select the“Menu” button located at the upper-right corner of the screen with “Three Dot” then select “Settings“ As shown in Snap.
  3. Scroll Down To Bottom Of the Page After Selecting“Settings” .Select Disable JavaScript To Disable setting in that Webpage.
Above Mentioned methods works perfectly with Google Chrome, Users can even Check 2nd method in Firefox with same Procedure


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This is one really nice share and great effort to provide some useful information. However, I think that there are some already build-in options in chrome which makes it easy for user to block popups. I find them more convenient to use


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One should use this carefully as many websites simply wont work unless javascript is turned on


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Helpfull information, but I do hope that now it's much much easier to do something similar than this already with some new versions of Chrome and basically all other browsers anyway. Are you agree with me here totally and completely.


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Like many persons already mentioned there are tons of things which done on frontend of websites which done with javascript or their official frameworks in order that everything will work fine for you, so be sure not to turn it off completely. You may not enter even.