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FileIce Guide Get 10$-15$ per Day Using My Method My Proofs With It {Selling}

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samrat singha

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Hi Guys After My Airtel trick ...

no its time to earn from fileice like no one else:D

I am Selling this guide for only DM members {So Please Donot Share With Others }

So Those Who Are Interested Proceed Below:

This Guide Will Give To The Trick To Earn 10-15$ A Day But You Have To Wait Untill You Have Proper Founded All The Things In The Given Guide On the Internet And Follow Your Perfect "Something" {Here Something Means A Key Word Given In The Guide} On the Internet ...

This Guide Takes Upto 4-5 Days Untill You Starts Earnings But You Will Found The Result On The First Day Only By Earnind 1$ Or Getting Click Through Different Countries

Proof:: of My EARNINGS{Founded This method 2 months Ago but results Were After a Month Now Enjoying}

View attachment 1437

How To Get This Guide:

I AM Selling It So Those Who Are Intersted Must Read The Pricing: Below:

Price: Rs500 INR {Two Ways Are Given Below To Pay Many Will Prefer 2nd Way}

Premium Members: Get Discount But Only For Some Premium Members {Reasons Are There}

There Are Two Ways To Pay :

  • Via Direct Transfer in My Bank Account
  • Or Through Completing My Survey {Special Link Will Be Given To You}
Description Of Methods:
1- You Can Directly Pay Through Transferring The Money On My Bank Account {The Account Number Will Be Given Through Pm}
2-You Can Complete My Survey Untill The Downloads Get 500RS In My Account I Will Notify You When You Have Done The Survey And I Have Got rs500 Through The Special File Given To You If You Choose This Method.. Through Pm..
Money Back Granted
If You Donot Start Earning By My Method Then Money Back Garanted In 15 Days
Thankss Those Who Are Interseted Pm Me Or Comment...


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I know the whole process but its taking too much time and much much effort


Staff Member
Staff member
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With Whom Permission u have posted this thread Bro .. ??? Admin.. ?? :cool:
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