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Free cPanel Hosting for life time Limited Time

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Rajesh Chauhan

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Yeah your heard it right we are offering free cPanel Web Hosting for limited users 15 accounts and one of lucky client will get free hosting for as long as he wants to use our services. and remaining 14 clients will get 1year cPanel Hosting with Unlimited resources, 99.9% uptime, auto backup features.

What you have to do for :
Well this is promotional offer and we started this offer to promote our business with a unique Idea. We could hire a person to complete our task at the cost of 1year hosting plan about or less... but we want to intact with our clients directly and serve them exiting offers..

So the task is you have to post our ad in free classified websites it may take hardly 1-2hr to post 100 websites.. but we require only 50 valid ad posting for 1 Hosting account.

1. Download our ad material from attachment of this post
2. Search on google for fresh classified ad posting links you may use this keyword on google "Top 100 free classified Websites"
3. Open pdf file and start copy pasting
4. Create list of urls where you have posted our ads
5. Send ad link to us on sales[at]solidbriks.com with bellow details

Full Name:
Domain Name [that you want to use on your hosting acc.. Free domains are not allowed like .tk, .ga, cf, .ml, co,cc, co.cu etc] :

If our verification team found everything fine and all ads are visible you will get your hosting account within 24 working hours.

Note: This offer valid till 30-09-2013 and for Indian/USA/UK users only.
Not open for further replies.