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get any product for RS 20 ebay* (* product cost RS 1- RS 220 )

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get any product for RS 20 ebay
product cost should be less than 220
Hey all, as all of u know that ebay offer (RS 200 off on order of RS 220 or more ) is going on amazing .
How to get Rs 200 off on Rs 220 coupon of ebay ?

1. Give miss call on 02233598576 From Your Mobile

but sometimes difficulties comes to us when we want to buy a product which cost less than 220 ...
so here i am to help u all ...
i will provide u a product with the price diffecrence betwwen 220 n price ur product .......
EX - if ur product price is rs 156 than i will arranege a product with price 34
(186+34) =220

now ur coupon will b applied :)
n u juz need to pay rs 20

pm me for this or cmmnt here

Not open for further replies.