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Google Pacman

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Now Enjoy pacman game on your android device

Hii guys, this is my first thread on DM forums so i might not be more informative and this thread might not look attractive, but i just wanted to share with you all this app.
Remember, you will need a rooted device for this to work.

Instructions to install :-
Download the app from my dropbox, link above.
Do not try to directly install as it won't.
Put apk file on your sd card if not already.
Open root explorer or any other root file manager.
Move the apk file from your sd card to /system/app partition.
Change permissions to rw/r/r as of all other apk's there
Reboot phone and play the game :)

I have attached some screenshots from my galaxy mini.
This game has been tested by me on cm10.1 i.e. android 4.2.2 so idk about 2.3 but i think it will work on every android version.
Remember, root is required so you need a rooted device for this !!
Not open for further replies.