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Green Planet 3D : Space Frontier

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There is a green planet; it revolves around the sun like other planets. We have developed a space game named “Green Planet 3D: Space Frontier” in this planet game there is a green planet like earth and also a moon on which you have a car to save from rockets coming from all direction, enjoy this green planet space game.People love to live in a green place or you can say want a Green lifestyle like on green planet, that is they want to live in a beautiful place where everything should be green. Green planet is the place on the universe and a comfortable to live. Therefore, you will feel more excited and satisfied with your car racing on this green planet game.

You have to do car racing on this green planet in which there is an addition of space frontier rockets which will attack on you and you have to safe your car. Drive carefully show driving skills and be the champion of this green planet rocket game. As your car moves, the green planet will also shrink with time and distance. So be careful about it, as green planet shrinks, the speed of the car will increase in this space game. You will be amazed by the fun and excitement of racing on green planet! Download now and enjoy racing on green planet and on moon. This will be interesting because it’s a new thing. Don’t forget to rate us and also give your feedback too.