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hide it pro..

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now hide anything u want in ur phone with hide it pro application..
1.hide photos files
2.hide videos files
3.hide audio files
4.hide application(if rooted)
5.lock application( display crash fake msg on locked app while running, doesnt show that certain has been locked, obviously other people thinks that app keep crashes doesnt work but only u can know that how to make it run )
6.hide internet pages or history
7.includes file manager
8.locks phone calls n msg( displays audio manager has been crashed)

after installing it, name ll be changed to audio manager rather than hide it pro..

note: one more interesting thing in it. if somebody caught u like i know abt this app n asking u open it.. if u using pin based then what ever ur pin maybe, just type 2222.. application opens a fake home page of it n shows no files.. just try it bros..


hit like if u like this application and comment abt it here..


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Works great, does what it says and does it like a pro.
Not open for further replies.