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High speed Voda twitter config {Differ from Oll Configs},,,,,,,

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Hello DigitalMobile members,
This Is My First Post,,,,,,I am sharing Vodafone New TCP Pack which includes only TCP 443 Port and 100% working.......Here is a brief of these configs:
1. Based on twitter.
2. No dissconnection.
3. just modified Nd Differ Frm Oll Configs..
4. works 100% with small 3g pack or main balance.
5. only 0.03mb or 5 paisa deduct for single connect.
6. No Need To register.
7. just give your Valuable comment and like.
8. Dont spam here.
9. Apn: www
10.Enjoy this trick...

[HIDE=200] Pass>>> Ktk__Soni__DM [/HIDE]
Note: Paste in NMD or OPENVPN,,,,,,,you can change proxy address for better speed.....
:) There Is A like Button Nd U r Free To Click>>>>
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