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HotSpot Shield Premium VPN Trick : REMOVE ADDS

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Requirements and Downloads :

Host file : Get it Here ( For Windows 7 Users )
Hotspot Install it First : Get it Here
Hotspot Install at Second : Get it Here

How to Install Hotspot Shield Premium VPN Trick :

  • At first uninstall the hotspot Shield VPN if you installed it MAKE SURE you are not running any VPN and give a restart to your PC.
  • Now navigate to the following directory:
    C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etcand replace the hosts file with the Provided One.

  • Windows XP Users have to perform the Manual editing in the Host File, The file path will remain the same
    Code: anchorfree.net rss2search.com techbrowsing.com box.anchorfree.net
  • Now download the Part 1 file from the above section (Serial 2) from above and Install the VPN and please make sure that you have UNCHECKED THE OPTION LAUNCH AFTER INSTALLATION, and restart your PC.
  • After restarting the PC, Download the third file (Serial No.3) and Install it again, Hotspot Shield VPN dialogue box will appear asking you to Update the Version, Just hit the Update Button but UNCHECK THE OPTION LAUNCH AFTER INSTALLATION, and restart your PC.
  • Now connect with your ISP (usually free) and establish the VPN Connection


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:crapo: :crapo:
Don't repeat it again or i'll have to issue you some warning pts
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