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How can I influence someone?


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The best way to influence anyone is to find out what motivates their actions.

Once you find out what motivates them, you can motivate them to give you what you want.

Such motivations include Ego, Pleasures, Lust and etc.

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Do yourself a big favor and define your goals. If you do this first, I GUARANTEE your campaign will be more successful.

Without clear objectives, Influencer marketing can take you down the rabbit hole and you will not come out with a clear sense of ROI.

Avoid rabbit holes, make a plan.

The good news that it’s super easy. I’ll even start it for you:

What type of influencers are you looking for (Topic niche, reach, platform, geo-location, gender, etc.)
Who are you trying to target? (What is the audience you’re going for… now compare that with the influencers you’re engaging. Demographic data from their end can help you make this decision.)
What do you have to offer their audience (What’s your campaign angle?)
What are you hoping for from the partnership? (Selling, notoriety, PR material, emails, the list is only limited by your creativity.)
How are you going to measure those results? (Define KPIs in advance !!) If necessary, dedicate tracking methods to content by using UTMs or coupons for sales.
Make a payment plan (How are you going to compensate the influencer and in what timeline) also a budget!
And remember, ROI isn’t something you do just at the end. You need to track throughout the campaign!

If you need help finding your influencers, we developed a tool for that which you can check out here.

I hope another answer helped!



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Thanks for so much information, just wanted to ask one simple question, from where to start ?
Which platform should we choose to influence?
Is the YouTube best ?