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How to make Theme effects yourself [Effects files detailed]

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They are the name file for the effect
activeidle_viewswitch_bg_anim_to_image.fxml- boot time effects
activeidle_viewswitch_bg_image_to_image.fxml -homescreen effects by three tick(anna)
activeidle_viewswitch_bg_image_to_image_slow.fxml- homescreen sliding effects
activeidle_viewswitch_close_editmode.fxml- long press to exit editmode of the homescreen effects
activeidle_viewswitch_open_editmode.fxml-long press to active editmode of the homescreen effects
app_activate.fxml- open menu effect
app_exit.fxml- exit the program results
app_start.fxml- open the program's performance
app_start_long.fxml- program to open the front to wait for results
app_start_rect.fxml- open the homescreen shortcut app
appshell_exit.fxml- exit the menu effect
confirmationnote_appear.fxml- confirmation box display
confirmationnote_disappear.fxml- confirmation prompt box disappears effect
contextmenu_appear.fxml- display the context menu (for example the power button menu, synchronization wizard box)
contextmenu_disappear.fxml- effect of the context menu disappears
dialer_close.fxml- dialer off effect
dialer_open.fxml- dialer to open results
dialer_list_appear.fxml- dialer interface, contact list display the search results
dialer_list_disappear.fxml- dialer interface, contact list disappear search results
discreet_popup_appear.fxml- left-down slide-out display boxes
discreet_popup_disappear.fxml- left-down slide-out effect of the prompt box disappears
errornote_appear.fxml- error message box display
errornote_disappear.fxml- error box disappears effect
fade_effect.fxml- when open options the background effect (include any pop-up display)
folder_close.fxml- close the folder effect
folder_open.fxml- open the folder effect
informationnote_appear.fxml- message box display (this is not the message boxes)
informationnote_disappear.fxml- message box disappears effect
layoutswitch_appear.fxml- screen rotating display
layoutswitch_disappear.fxml- screen rotation effect disappears
layoutswitch_videos_appear.fxml- video rotating display
layoutswitch_videos_disappear.fxml- video rotation effect disappears
musicplayer_viewswitch_in.fxml open the music player song list effect
musicplayer_viewswitch_out.fxml- exit music player song list effect
optionsmenu_appear.fxml- open the option effect
optionsmenu_disappear.fxml- exit option effect
optionsmenu_cascade_appear.fxml-open the secondly options menu(example inside setting options menu)
optionsmenu_cascade_disappear.fxml- exit secondly option menu effect
phone_callui_appear.fxml- call display
phone_callui_disappear.fxml- call away effect
photos_fullscreen_close.fxml- exit full-screen view photo effects
photos_gridview_to_fullscreen.fxml- Click the picture to full screen view effect
photos_landscape_to_portrait.fxml- horizontal screen image switches to portrait effect
photos_portrait_to_landscape.fxml- vertical screen image switches to landscape effects
popup_appear.fxml- gestures display (long on-screen pop-up menu)
popup_disappear.fxml- gestures effect disappears
systemnotify_appear.fxml- notification display system
systemnotify_disappear.fxml- system notice the effect disappears
taskswapper_app_start_rect.fxml- in the Task Manager to switch to the open procedure effect
taskswapper_appear.fxml- Task Manager display
taskswapper_disappear.fxml- Task Manager disappear effect
toolbar_ext_appear.fxml- toolbar display (for example, writing a message into the accessories that effect)
toolbar_ext_disappear.fxml- toolbar disappears effect
touchinput_close.fxml- off effect of input
touchinput_open.fxml- open the input method results
viewswitch_left.fxml- effects such as setting options inside (where the effect can be understood as open)
viewswitch_left_appear.fxml- which options such as setting display
viewswitch_left_disappear.fxml- options such as setting which effect disappears
viewswitch_right.fxml- effects such as setting options inside (where the effect can be interpreted as exit)
viewswitch_right_appear.fxml- which options such as setting display
viewswitch_right_disappear.fxml- options such as setting which effect disappears
waitnote_appear.fxml- wait for the prompt box display
waitnote_disappear.fxml- wait for the prompt box disappears effect
warningnote_appear.fxml- warning box display
warningnote_disappear.fxml- warning box disappears effect

How to DIY theme effects

Effect one (right to left interchangeable slide)

outquad 0.35 1.0 0.0

outquad 0.35 0.00 1.0

-------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------- ------------------

Effect two (interchangeable sliding left to right)

outquad 0.35 -1.0 0.0

outquad 0.35 0.00 -1.0

Contrast these two effects can be seen that there are two different places
at = "0.0"> 1.0 -1.0 1.0 -1.0 1.0 -1.0 1.0 -1.0
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