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How to play 2 Clash of Clans Accounts at the same time


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Hi guys
I am now showing how to play your second account on clone coc made by lucky patcher.
As you know; the problem is clone coc cannot connect with gmail so you cannot sign in and play your second account.I am not showing you to connect clone coc to gmail.Only original coc can connect with gmail on androids.I only show you to play your signed in account on clone coc. Ok.

Your phone must be rooted and must have root explorer!

Step(1) Open your original coc and sign in your second account.If google plus button appear 'green'; press exit.

Step(2) Make the clone coc with lucky patcher and install it. Don't open it.( I think you can make clone coc with lucky patcher; so I am not explaining how to clone).

Step(3) Open root explorer. go to 'data>data>com.supercell.clashofclans> In this; long press 'shared-prefs' and press copy. Back one time;and press 'com.supercell.clashofclant' ; press 'copy here'.

Step(4) In this folder; long press copied 'shared-prefs' and press permissions. And fill marks as the photo I uploaded shown; and press ok. Done!. Now;the data of your second account village has reached to clone coc. Open your clone coc.Enjoy! Please read carefully and look at the photos; you can easily make it. Thank you very much.

In Samsung Phones Only work with custom kernel