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How To Set Password On Any Software In PC

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Hiii Guyz,I am going to tell you a trick to make your pc software's password protected. It means whenever anyone open any software in your pc then he/she will be asked for a password if the user don't know the password then he can not use the software. If you are interested to protect your pc software's with password then just follow below steps.

STEP 1>>First of all download a software named Password Door to your pc

STEP 2>>Now install it to your pc, while installing , it will ask you to enter a password which will be used to open the password protected software's.

STEP 3>>Now open Password Door with the help of password which you have entered while installing

Now Click on protect a program.

STEP 4>>Now You'll see a list of all program on which you can set password.

Select the app from the list and make it password protect.

Now whenever you or any other user open password protected app, app will ask for the password. if you know the password only then you can access the application.

You can remove password from apps anytime.

NOTE: If you are thinking, your little bro or sis uninstall Password Door to access the application, then they can't do it, because this program will ask for the same password to uninstall it from pc.
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